About Kara



Kara Levis is the Team Alberta Party candidate for Calgary-Klein. Kara is a commercial lawyer with ten years’ experience in the energy and tax fields. As a volunteer, Kara has worked on issues of women in leadership and women in politics for many years. Kara was the recipient of both the 2017 Women in Law Leadership Award for “Tomorrow’s Leader” and the 2018 Young Women in Energy Award that recognizes exceptional leaders.

An advocate for Women in Politics, Kara is one of the co-founders of Ask Her, a non-profit organization created to encourage more women to run in Calgary’s municipal elections and is regularly asked to publicly comment as a subject matter expert.

In 2018, Kara ran for the leadership of the Alberta Party, placing second to Stephen Mandel. Kara’s political involvement also includes serving as campaign manager for candidates at the federal, provincial leadership and municipal levels, as well as many years on constituency association boards and a two-year term as the national leader of the women’s engagement arm of a federal political party.

Kara holds a B.A. (Hons) from University of Victoria, and a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Civil Law from McGill University. Kara, along with her husband Rob and four young girls have lived in Calgary for the past 12 years.

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